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We packed everything you need to survive in your new home into our starter packs.

Stressing over utensils to cook or tableware, shouldn’t be your main concerns when moving to a new place. Pre-order to ensure your pack is delivered and ready for when you arrive.

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Complete Room Pack

MOST POPULAR - Our luxury all-in-one room pack includes our complete bedroom and kitchen pack in one box (60 items)


Complete Bedroom Pack

Soft and sumptuous, our bedding will make the ideal surface to snuggle up in. Choose from 6 styles. From our warm duvets to our supportive pillows, give your new


Complete Kitchen Pack

Cook & Dine at University with our 42 piece kitchen set.Satisfy your cooking and dining needs.Want to dine and cook at


COVID-19: PPE and Hand Sanitiser

Order our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Amenity pack, or hand sanitiser products to help keep you safe.PPE Amenity Kit contains: 4 x sachets of a

Save time and pre-order your room essentials

Save time and pre-order your room essentials

Order before your arrival

Stressing over utensils to cook or tableware, shouldn’t be your main concerns when moving to a new place. Make sure to hit the ground running at your new home. Rest assured, our essential packs have you covered with all the key things you will need. Just check out how we can simplify your life and moving experience.

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How it Works

How it Works

Pick your pack

Select and customise your pack from the range of our bedding, kitchen and bathroom products.

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Select your delivery date, we recommend ordering your pack before your due to arrive.

Sit back and relax

Your first steps covered, move in stress free knowing all your essentials are ready and waiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing Orders

Q. When should I place my order?

A. Our website allows you to select a delivery date in the future, so we would encourage you to place your order as soon as you book your room to guarantee your slot, then it’s one less thing to worry about and we will ensure your pack is in your room ready for when you arrive.

Q. Can I change my order once I've placed it?

Bedding Sizes

Q. How do I know what size bedding to order?

Q. How do I know what the size of your duvets are?

Q. What size are your pillows?

Q. What is the difference between a 3/4 small double and double bed?


Q.What is the cost for delivery?

Q. What are your delivery times?

Q. I am arriving at the weekend, do I need to wait until Monday for my order?

Q. What happens if I am not at the property when my order is delivered?